UK: £999 exc. VAT


Key Telemark-K Features

  • Pure analoguevoice & modulation circuitry.
  • Hand built in Great Britain.
  • Sub-Oscillator / Divider.
  • Ring Modulation.
  • MIDI In / Out / Thru.
  • Patch points to allow more sound types, and to cross-patch with your modular synths.
  • SEM type sound.
  • Similar SEM layout.
  • More features than the original SEM such as Sample and Hold, LFO Square wave, Noise, extra inputs, many more signal modulation options via rotary switches.
  • Plenty of modulation possibilities
  • Rugged steel construction.
  • MIDI In for software sequencer / keyboard control.
  • LCD to edit MIDI set-up.
  • No patch memories! You can be original each time you create a sound.

Head over to the Telemark Page for more details as these synths are essentially identical.