The sale of premium Vintage Synthesisers from Analogue Solutions' stock, or the personal collection of Mr. Carpenter.

Fairlight CMI Vintage Sampler

Fairlight CMI Complete system. £9999

I believe it is a CMI I, but it has been upgraded since it also has Page R (the all important sequencer).

Comes with all leads, original library, manuals, some spare discs.

Note the following: A Fairlight is like a vintage car! It works all fine, but it may need TLC occasionally.

The screen is a little bright in my opinion, but works fine. I am sure a tech could calibrate the brightness. The right disc drive occasionally fails to read. This is very very normal for old drives. Recommend you fit a Floppy emulator (see below).

It is possible to replace the right drive with a Floppy Emulator, so you can entirely read and right both system and sound discs to SD card. I can point you where to buy the kit (cost is €500). I am prepared to fit this for you FOC, after payment received for the System.


ARP2600 £9999

Collector's condition!

Cabinets have been recovered and have new furniture. So external looks new!

Internals, calibration done, PSU recapped. New keyboard bushes.

All working - thought TBH there are a couple of features I am not too sure about how they work so maybe those are 'untested', It's a 40 year old synth: some lights crackle a little.

I'd say the best condition ARP2600 you are likely to find for sale right now.

Korg PS3100

Korg PS3100 £8999

Amazing polysynth - and super rare. Generally considered better than the PS3200 (I've had both and I have to agree!). Has been served. All jacks replaced (they are often rusted by now). Re-capped power supply. Calibrated. Though lower octave keys sometimes intermittent. But incredible sounds and condition.

Very very heavy. Shipping will be expensive. Payment by bank transfer or cash on collection.