Analogue Solutions Impulse Command Mix Demo feat. Marnie "Hearts on Fire"

Impulse Command Synthesizer:

Stereo synth -- headphones or speakers required!!

Here's a musical demo of the Analogue Solutions Impulse Command synthesizer at work in the studio featuring a variety of custom sounds ranging from percussion, bass and leads to other rhythmic effects.

All sounds and patches in this video are 100% Impulse Command, including all drums and effects. Analogue loops, bass lines and percussion were generated with the synth's onboard analogue sequencer and recorded individually into Logic.

This isn't a full remix, but rather an example showcasing the many sides and potential of this true sonic realiser.

The amazing vocal for "Hearts on Fire" is Helen Marnie of Marnie (and Ladytron).

Dual Treadstone

Synths available here:
Showing how good Treadstone analogue synths can be to provide accompaniment! One is producing the bass/loop, the other the percussive sound. Both using there internal MIDI Loop sequencer, synced with a simple patch lead. No MIDI.
The PS3100 is played live and is a beautiful sounding vintage synth