Update17 Sept 2019

The sale of premium Vintage Synthesisers from Analogue Solutions' stock, or the personal collection of Mr. Carpenter.

Waldorf Wave - full paint and print returb’ - looks New! £SOLD Includes full flight case.

New reflective LCD, SD Card floppy drive emulator. New springs. Full professional strip, powder coat and screen print, colours inspired by the Dark edition. A truly one off unique opportunity to have a waldorf Wave without that shitty rubber paint.

Pictures at the bottom of this web page…..

Roland OP8 DCB CV interface for MC4 £179

Moog Rogue £599

Korg MS20 (original vintage model) £999

Minimoog Model D (Original 1970s) £2999 (with very faint and barely visible Robert Moog signature on top) - recent service

Emulator EII sampler, with SD card reader. £2499 - recent service

ARP2600 +keys £9999 - recently refurbed and serviced

Fairlight I/II CMI with SD card reader £12099

Korg 800DV dual voice analogue synth £2699

Roland TR909 (original) £2999

Yamaha DX7 £449

Casio RZ1 sampling drum machine £399

Casio CZ230S FM synth £299

Friendchip src - super rare synth box £599

Simon SDX super rare sampling drum brain £3999

Yamaha MR10 drum machine £99

Hawk T4 reel to reel multi tap Tape Echo (super rare and super cool) £999

Roland System 700 module 714B Interface-1 £sold

Roland MC4 vintage sequencer (exceptional condition, a couple of keys need replacing) £sold

All stock are usually of exception condition, and fully working.

More details and pictures available on request

ARP 2600 + keyboard

ARP2600 £9999

Collector's condition!

Cabinets have been recovered and have new furniture. So external looks new!

New power supply and some internal tweaking.

Study pix for condition of front panel and new case covering.

Fairlight CMI Vintage Sampler

Fairlight CMI Complete system. £12,099

I believe it is a CMI I, but it has been upgraded since it also has Page R (the all important sequencer).

Comes with all leads, original library, manuals, some spare discs.

Note the following: A Fairlight is like a vintage car! It works all fine, but it may need TLC occasionally.

The screen is a little bright in my opinion, but works fine. I am sure a tech could calibrate the brightness. T

Right drive has now been replaced with an SD card floppy drive emulator. Machine can both boot and load sounds from SD card - helping to future proof this machine (to some degree!)

Korg PS3100


Moog Rouge

£699. Has had full service: total internal clean and detox, repair, calibration. All circuits are working. Mechanically is good but a little tired. Superb sounding little synth,

Korg 800DV

superb condition £2699